NOTE / 2017-09-09

Subtext: Typedesign II

This catalogue gives a great overview on contemporary typeface design from more than 50 Austrian and globally active designers. It comes with a highly elaborate and accurate foreword by Martin Tiefenthaler and with texts by renowned authors from various cultural, artistic and scientific fields. We are quite happy and honoured to have some of our fonts presented in this beautiful catalogue 'Subtext: Typedesign. zeitgenössisch—lokal: contemporary—Austrian'








The new, not yet published typeface Relevant PRO has been supplemented
by Cyrillic and Greek characters.




The still unpublished font T-Star-TW NLQ. NLQ stands for Near Letter Quality. This is an ongoing
expansion of the character set for non-Latin languages. Considering the fact that the typewriter is outlined as a formal Euro-centristic imposition, this working method helps to get an understanding of formal aspects. After Florian Coulmas, the correct depiction of font systems in general is subordinated to their own economy.




The already published font Korpus is included in this wonderful publication.




Subtext: Typedesign
zeitgenössisch—lokal: contemporary—Austrian
English | German, 400 pages, 700 illustrations
16.5 x 23 cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-7212-0978-5


Big thanks to tga (typografische gesellschaft austria), Martin Tiefenthaler and Andreas Pawlik  
(the latter responsible for the content and catalogue design)