The pricing for the amount of licences will be charged once, without additional annual payments. For each font you want to use, you purchase a package of pageviews that you gradually use over time. Your pageview package does not expire. You only need to upgrade your package if the pageviews on your website increase. In this case you need to enlarge your license package to the next level.
The following license-scale is divided into 3 levels, detailed prices per font can be looked up at Prices & Order:

Basic: up to 10’000 visitors per month
Business: up to 100’000 visitors per month

Enterprise: over 100’000 visitors per month

By purchasing a print-license together with an additional ‘Basic’ webfont-license, we offer a discount of 50% on the webfont.

Please note that the web-license for a font is tied to one specific URL. Similar to a print-license it is related to one person or one company. Pricing by unique visitors is a more accurate and fair way to charge a service. When someone visits your website, Binnenland fonts are downloaded and cached by the user’s browser for 30 days. If you are not sure how much traffic you will receive on a new website, just start small. If you are wildly successful, order an upgrade.

Terms of the Licence Agreement Webfont