The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is supported by Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome 5+, Opera Presto. Support is available on Mac OS X Lion's Safari from release 5.1 and is supported by Internet Explorer 9. Version 4 and higher can use web fonts in Embedded OpenType (EOT) format. WOFF2 is supported on Safari 10 on OS X Sierra, and all actual versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

All OpenType features are supported according to this last browser versions, like Kerning (kern), Ligatures (liga/clig), Contextual Alternates (calt), Numerators (numr), Oldstyle Numerals (onum), Proportional Numbers (pnum), Tabular Numbers (tnum), Small Capitals (smcp), Case-Sensitive Forms (case) and finally Slashed Zero (zero).

A preview of the fonts display you can find in our
Font Library in Specimen

Please note that we do not cooperate with any existing cloud-based hosting services and do not allow our fonts to be hosted by any such service. We also do not allow the conversion of our fonts into any other format using online services like Fontsquirrel, etc., or with stand-alone software packages that allow those conversions.